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He was a rotten husband but I can’t help missing him

DEAR ABBY: I mourn my husband. He’s alive, but he left six months ago and texted me that he’s done. He lives with another woman.

I didn’t see it coming. We planned to retire to our cabin. One weekend he kicked me out of the cabin and three hours later she had her join him.

I feel so lost. Right now I don’t want him back because I think he committed the ultimate betrayal.

I started counseling because I am so confused, sad and upset. My counselor seems to think he’s leaving the door open to return one day. He still comes to the house once a month to pay the bills. But if he does, he doesn’t want me there. He texts to make sure I’m gone for a few hours so I leave.

I miss him but I can’t get past the pain and betrayal.



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