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The waitress is flirty and I don’t know what to do?

DEAR ABBY: I have been reading your column for years, regularly taking advice that you give to others and applying it to my circumstances.

I have developed a mutual bond with a woman who is 30 to 28 years younger than me. She’s a waitress at a restaurant I frequent.

I’ve watched her kids grow over the past six or seven years. We had many meaningful conversations and shared our highs and lows. She is friendly by nature.

Three or four years ago she started sharing casual side hugs when I arrived. I never ask about it. Over the past year, these hugs have become more intimate — not in a sexual way, just a deeper bond of friendship. We chat occasionally when she’s not at work, but I don’t see her socially.

Lately she’s been teasing that she’ll be my next ex. I answer the flirting and teasing. I believe there is a mutual attraction. Without the age difference, which I have no problem with, or the fear of causing trouble with our friendship, I would ask her out.

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