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The quinceañera I imagined for her became a travesty

DEAR ABBY: I am a first generation Mexican American married into a white mixed family.

My husband, my stepdaughter ‘Lisa’ and her mother and stepfather form a beautiful unity. I do not have children.

Although my family was initially confused about my interracial marriage, they went along with the program — so much so that we invited Lisa to participate in a coming-of-age ritual called the quinceañera. We were excited to update and adapt it as much as possible to include all parents, grandparents and other family members.

Suddenly, when Lisa was 14—a year before quinceañera, when scheduling was supposed to go up, not down—my extended family was hit with radio silence. Despite our efforts to encourage, coach and generate enthusiasm, we got the impression that Lisa had grown cold feet and was reconsidering the event.

We honored her wishes and planned to find other ways to make her feel special.

Two weeks before her 15th birthday, Lisa sent me an invite to her quinceañera! Abby, words cannot express how heartbroken I feel.



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