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When I said these things, I didn’t know about the recording

DEAR ABBY: I have a new job in a small office. I’ve never felt comfortable meeting new people or learning a new job, so to appear friendly, I agree to the office calls.

A few times I have revealed too much of my life. I later found out that the owner is taking up the office. Everyone knew about it, but I was never made aware of it.

Now I am more ashamed than ever knowing that my information is now registered. Since then I have learned to censor myself.

Abby, is it common and legal practice for employers to wiretap offices?


DEAR BIG MOUTH: It is best to ask this question to a lawyer specialized in employment law. In several states, it is illegal for an employer to record conversations without first informing all parties involved. You should have been advised at the time you were hired that this was company policy.



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