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Her missing friend might be in danger, or even dead

DEAR ABBY: As for “Baffled in Iowa” (Nov. 4), it appears the letter writer’s boyfriend is in danger.

As you mentioned, the guy her friend got involved with is “more than a little controlling.” This woman, once located by social services or the police, needs at least a welfare check, that is, a serious look at her situation by a well-educated professional who is familiar with this type of situation.

This is exactly the kind of thing that could lead to “Baffled’s” boyfriend losing her identity and losing all finances to what appears to be a well-to-do con artist. You could also imagine her being killed for insurance money.

Yes, she is an adult who “has the right to make her own decisions.” But from what we know about this woman, she may not be able to make her own decisions and be completely under the control of someone she’s only known for a short period of time.

This woman’s situation is more than a little concerning. As a residency-trained, board-certified emergency medicine physician, I’ve seen similar situations that resulted in identity theft, loss of all possessions, and even murder. My wife has a master’s degree in social work and has dealt with similar scenarios with clients that have led to terrible results. We are deeply concerned for her boyfriend’s physical and emotional safety, as well as her financial well-being.




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