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It was my husband’s dream job, but I’m so much better at it

DEAR ABBY: A few years ago, my husband, unhappy in his job, decided he wanted to be a real estate agent.

He quit his job to work full-time in real estate, and he really struggled. The company he came to work for offered little training and he had no office skills. The dramatic drop in our income nearly bankrupted us.

He asked me to also get a permit to help out (I have a great office job). I didn’t want to at first because I knew I would end up doing almost all the work, but I did it anyway.

Shortly after I got my license, he was offered a job at his previous company. It was a blessing and he accepted it.

I continued to sell real estate alongside my job and was very successful. I think it’s due to my 20 years of office management experience and social media skills. Although I am an introvert, I am a hard worker and my business is growing. People look up to me.



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