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Deadpool Actor TJ Miller Says Ryan Reynolds Hates Him

Deadpool actor TJ Miller has revealed that he thinks star Ryan Reynolds hates him. The Deadpool movies were an offshoot of 20th Century Fox’s X-Men franchise, after the infamous “merc with a mouth” Wade Wilson (Reynolds) after developing the mutant ability to regenerate his body after severe burns. The vulgar, unwilling hero is joined by a cast of characters, including Morena Baccarin as his fiancée Vanessa, Brianna Hildebrand and Stefan Kapičić as the B-team X-Men Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus, and TJ Miller as Weasel, a bartender who kills Deadpool’s best friend. All four actors returned to reprise their roles in 2018 Deadpool 2 along with an ensemble of new characters, including Josh Brolin as the cybernetically enhanced Cable and Julian Dennison as the young mutant Firefist.


The ensemble cast of the Deadpool movies has been the subject of much conversation lately as it has been announced that Deadpool 3 officially in the making. although Deadpool 2 was a significant box-office success, the sequel was in the air for some time after 20th Century Fox was acquired by Disney, and the MCU had to figure out how best to fold a notorious filthy-mouthed hero into their solid PG-13 franchise. The answer will be that Deadpool 3 is the MCU’s first R-rated film, now officially releasing on September 6, 2024, as the first film in Phase 6. Reynolds is the only cast member so far confirmed to reprise their role, although it was also revealed that Hugh Jackman will appear as Wolverine.

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This week Miller appeared on The Adam Carolla Show for an interview. At one point, the topic turned to his appearance in Deadpoolwhere the actor revealed that he will not appear in Deadpool 3, one of the reasons he thinks Reynolds hates him. He went on to describe a scene they were filming together where the star was riffing as Wade Wilson, but he seemed to personally insult Miller by saying things like “you expose just enough that it’s funny. And then we can leave and go back to the real movie.Read his full quote below:

I wish him the best because he’s so good at Deadpool and I think it’s weird that he hates me. I think some people — we had a really weird moment, a really weird moment on Deadpool, where he said, ‘Let’s do another take.’ And everybody says, ‘OK,’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m fine.’

And as a character, he was terribly mean to me, but to me. Like I’m Weasel. He says, ‘You know what’s so great about you Weasel? You are not the star. But you, you know, you expose just enough that it’s funny. And then we can leave and go back to the real movie.” Of course he is [riffing]. That’s EXACTLY why he said that. Because I’m not funnier than him, right?

But I think after he got super, super famous from the first Deadpool, things changed a bit. … I don’t know, would I work with him again? No. I wouldn’t work with him again. But I said that about Michael Bay and now we are friends and I would work with him again. But I think Michael Bay is different.

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TJ Miller’s Post-Deadpool Controversies Explained

One thing Miller didn’t mention in the quote is his own controversial behavior after appearing in both Deadpool movies. The star has been at the center of several major incidents, starting with his 2016 jail term after allegedly assaulting an Uber driver. The following year, he was charged with a sexual assault that allegedly took place while in college, followed by a report that he sent a transphobic email to a film critic. All this was compounded in 2018 when the comedian was arrested again, charged with sending a fake bomb threat to Amtrak, followed by allegations of inappropriate workplace behavior on the set of the sitcom Silicone Valley.

Miller left Silicone Valley after season 4 and has played fewer roles in the years since 2018. The most prominent project that the Deadpool actor has appeared since was 2020’s Underwateralthough that was originally recorded in 2017. Given the actor’s controversies and the way it affected his return to various projects, it seems unlikely that he would be invited back to the Deadpool universe in the first place, regardless of a possible twist in his relationship with the leading star.

Source: The Adam Carolla Show

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