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Deadpool 3 Will Protect Logan’s Legacy, Confirms Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds confirms that Deadpool 3 will protect Logan’s legacy after Hugh Jackman seemingly said goodbye to Wolverine in the 2017 film.

Deadpool 3 star Ryan Reynolds confirms the upcoming MCU release will respect the legacy left by Logan. After two successful and popular episodes, Reynolds’ Deadpool is finally ready to join the MCU with Deadpool 3. The film is directed by free man director Shawn Levy and, most notably, the return of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine has been confirmed. After playing the part for over 15 years, Jackman seemingly parted ways with Wolverine with James Mangold’s logan, which ended with the emotional death of his character and proved popular with audiences and critics alike.


In a recent interview about The Tonight Show starring Jimmy FallonRyan Reynolds assures fans that Deadpool 3 will protect Loganhis legacy. The star previously hinted in a video with Jackman that Mangold’s 2017 hit will stand on its own, but his most recent comment confirms that Wolverine’s arc and powerful ending in the film will not be changed or otherwise revised. . Watch Reynold’s full commentary below:

“We came up with a way of doing it that was approved by Hugh Jackman and approved by Kevin Feige, fully protecting Logan’s legacy as it had remained. We wouldn’t mess with that.”

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Why Logan remains so loved

After a few X-Men team-up films and several stand-alone entries of varying quality, Logan was marketed as Jackman’s last time in the role of Wolverine. In a stark departure from previous films, Logan earned an R rating and contains a plethora of violence, swearing and adult themes. In addition to finally showing Wolverine’s sheer brutality without the shackles of a PG-13 rating, the film features a powerful emotional arc for the character as he takes care of a sick Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and X-23/Laura (Dafne Keen), his young clone.

Despite the film’s heavy subject matter and the brutal punishment Wolverine must endure during its runtime, the film remains beloved by fans even five years later, in part because it offers Jackman’s hero a definitive ending. With some impressive healing abilities, Wolverine never felt the risk of dying in any previous X-Men movie, something that Logan strips away. Located in 2029, Logan sees Wolverine’s healing powers diminish, with the character slowly being poisoned by the Adamantium in his body. Jackman’s hero eventually sacrifices himself to secure Laura’s future in the film’s emotional climax, delivering a touching and seemingly permanent ending.

How Deadpool 3 can affect Logan

While Logan takes place in its own futuristic timeline, Deadpool 3 is an MCU movie, meaning the two have essentially nothing to do with each other. Moreover, even if they took place in the same universe, Deadpool 3 will likely be a story set in the present before the events of Logan even prevent. Deadpool often breaks the fourth wall to make meta jokes, but Reynolds’ most recent comment suggests that references to Logan may be forbidden for the character in Deadpool 3 out of respect for the movie’s Wolverine arc, a move sure to please fans.

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Source: The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon/ YouTube

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