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DCEU Should’ve Built Up To Batman Vs. Superman, Says Black Adam Editor

Black Adam editor believes that the DCEU, now known as the DCU, should have evolved into the Batman vs. Superman conflict at the center of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Leading up to the release of Black AdamDwayne Johnson has been crystal clear about his antihero becoming one of the DCU’s biggest power players and what he hopes to see from his time in the franchise. One such idea is to have Black Adam fight Superman, as Henry Cavill’s character made a surprise cameo appearance in the 2022 episode.


Cavill’s Superman hasn’t been seen in the DCU since 2017 Justice League, which became one of the franchise’s critical and commercial flops. While the idea of ​​Black Adam vs. Superman is something Johnson plans to make happen, this wouldn’t be the first time a major showdown has taken place in the DCU. In 2016, that of Zack Snyder Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice saw the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight collide on the big screen before eventually becoming allies. Although the 2016 film was a commercial success, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice received mixed reactions.

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screen frenzy recently chatted with Black Adam editor Mike Sale, ACE, on his role in Johnson’s massive DCU movie. During the interview, Sale shared that Cavill returned to the DCU as Superman, while also giving his deeper thoughts on their 2016 battle. According to Sale, he would have preferred if they had allowed both Batman and Superman to have three movies each before finally having a showdown in the DCU, with the following:

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Mike Sale, ACE: Yes, personally I love him. I love him as Superman, and I loved those movies. My only thing is I wish there were three Batman movies and three Superman movies before they fought. I wish there was more. I want more.

I hope we’re good enough that this can lead to even more cool stuff. I’m sure it will happen. It seems that when I read the results this morning, I think, “I think we’ve accomplished a mission. And hopefully we’ll see a lot of cool stuff in the future.”

How Black Adam vs. Superman Can Be Different from BvS

When it comes to Black Adam vs. Superman, is the DCU already working on the idea that it will be different from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. An important aspect of this lies in a recent comment by Black Adam producer Hiram Garcia where he stated that they want to make a long story out of that conflict. Instead of just doing a one-off action, they see it as something that would be explored in countless movies, which would be the opposite of what they did in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.

Another crucial factor in building that final battle is also allowing the two characters to exist alone in the DCU for a while. Although Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios have yet to announce it, recent reports claim that: Man of Steel 2 is in development, which would revive Cavill’s branch of the franchise. Not only should the DCU be given the chance to re-explore Superman after all these years, but also allow Black Adam to at least have one more story of his own before finally colliding with Krypton’s last son. After their moment in Black AdamIt’s inevitable that Johnson will go up against Cavill’s Superman, but it’s all about finding the perfect timing and story that will allow it to become one of the biggest arcs in the DCU.

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