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DC Hilariously Spoils Black Adam’s Surprise Cameo In New Video

DC Comics’ official social media accounts ruin Black Adam’s big surprise cameo in a new marketing video for the highly anticipated DCEU movie.

Warning: This article contains IMPORTANT spoilers for Black AdamDC Comics official social media accounts spoil the big Black Adam surprise cameo through a new viral video. One of the most highly anticipated DCEU movies of recent years was Dwayne Johnson Black Adam, as the star has been attached to the DC role for over a decade. After being stuck in development hell, it lasted until 2021 Black Adam eventually went to main photography, and as of this week, Johnson’s DC project is finally opening in theaters around the world.


As Black Adam focuses on telling the brutal origin story of Teth-Adam, the film also wastes no time cementing itself in the larger DCEU, which has been in business since 2013 Man of Steel. In addition to introducing many new characters from the comics, Johnson’s solo film also sees the return of established players, including Viola Davis as Amanda Waller and Jennifer Holland’s Emilia Harcourt. The Suicide Squad and peacekeeper. But Black Adam also brings back the hero who started the DCEU, while Henry Cavill reprises the role of Superman in the post-credits scene.

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Despite Black Adam officially open for preview screenings on Thursday, October 20, the official DC Comics Twitter account decided to spoil Superman’s cameo. Comics Publisher Shares New Viral Marketing Video Black Adam, in which Johnson’s character texts back and forth with Superman. The text essentially teases a coming conflict between them in the DCEU, as does the purpose of the scene after the film’s credits.

Why Did DC & Johnson Ruin Superman’s Cameo Early?

Many may wonder why DC (and even Johnson to some degree) decided to spoil Superman’s Black Adam cameo early, as the movie just opened this week. Unfortunately, the Black Adam post-credits scene had already leaked to social media, thanks to users who saw the film at the premiere and were able to record it on their phones. Johnson, who also confirmed that it was his idea to get Cavill’s Superman in cameo Black Adam, has also been asked nonstop in interviews, as the press caught on early that the surprise had already been spoiled and his comments didn’t necessarily downplay an attempt at harm reduction. At this point, DC may feel like it wouldn’t be a big deal to jokingly tease that Superman is in the new movie.

It’s still crucial to remember that while hardcore fans are always actively looking for spoilers, not every audience member follows the marketing of superhero movies or leaks of any kind, desiring to go into the movie as little as possible. Even if hints or outright spoiling the surprise might be exciting for some people, the more cautious public might get frustrated when something as grand as Cavill like Superman is spoiled before they see it for themselves. Of Black Adam in theaters now, time will tell when Cavill’s Superman will re-emerge in the DCEU next time, especially after the big post-credits scene featuring Johnson’s titular character.

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