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Daniel Radcliffe Admits to Accidentally Fueling Those Wolverine Rumors

Daniel Radcliffe, who was previously cast by fans as Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, says he was instrumental in fueling rumors of Wolverine casting.

Daniel Radcliffe has admitted he had a hand in fueling rumors of his casting as Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wolverine/Logan, played by Hugh Jackman since the year 2000, is one of the most popular Marvel Comics characters. X-Men movies. The actor’s last outing, as the hero was considered for many years 2017 logan, in which, in the future, Jackman’s version of the character died for good and Jackman initially withdrew from the role.


In Jackman’s place, many looked to other actors for a possible Wolverine reboot, and rumors of Daniel Radcliffe being cast as the mutant have often been rampant in recent years. Since the end of the Harry Potter franchise, Radcliffe has played a wide variety of roles and built up an impressive range. Earlier this year, Radcliffe stated that he can’t imagine standing up to Jackman, but he capped off the thought by saying: “But who knows? Prove me wrong, Marvel,” seemingly stating his interest in the part. Despite the rumors, Jackman returns as Wolverine and enters the MCU with Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3 was announced this year, which delighted Jackman’s fans and effectively put an end to speculation about Radcliffe.

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During a sit-down with GQ, Radcliffe was referring to rumors that he was in talks to play Wolverine. Although he stated that he is all for joining another major franchise after that Harry Potter, he clarified that in reality there was never any basis for those reports, which he admits were sometimes fueled by his reactions during press trips, although not intentionally. Check out what the actor had to say below:

It’s purely a rumor of a press tour; I say something, and then sometimes I get bored of answering that way, so I say something else, and that sets it back on track. I should just never open my mouth.

How could Daniel Radcliffe as Wolverine change the MCU?

As a result of the measures taken by the MCU to ensure secrecy during production, numerous actors have been teased about their involvement in future projects, finding themselves in a difficult position where both their comments and lack thereof can be taken out of context. and can be used to add to the rumours. It makes sense that Radcliffe occasionally wanted to break the monotony and jumble up his answers, although it’s funny that he accidentally added more chaos in the process. Had Radcliffe replaced Jackman in the MCU, his height would be closer to that of the comic book character, but it’s likely viewers will struggle to adjust to Radcliffe as Wolverine after Jackman’s run of more than two decades.

While fans of Jackman’s Wolverine are excited to see the beloved character back in action in the official MCU, Radcliffe would have made an interesting and unique choice had there been actual talks about casting him. Radcliffe’s version of the character could have played out traits from the comics that Jackman’s Wolverine eventually outgrew in some ways, such as his ferocity, unpredictability, and wild nature. Radcliffe’s age would make him a younger version of Wolverine, making it more likely that those traits would show. Although it would be interesting to see Daniel Radcliffetakes on a fresh and wild Wolverine in the MCU, sees Jackman officially in the franchise, and finally interacts with Deadpool in his film trilogy will be a true highlight of the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Phase 6.

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