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Creed 3’s Time Jump Explained By Michael B. Jordan

Creed 3 star and director Michael B. Jordan explains why the new film takes place seven years after the events of Creed 2.

Creed 3 star and director Michael B. Jordan explains why the franchise is taking a seven-year time jump. Jordan debuted as aspiring boxing champion Adonis Creed in 2015 rocky franchise entry. He then reprized the character in the successful 2018 sequel Creed II.

Now Jordan is ready to take the next step in his own filmmaking career, taking on both the lead and directing roles for Creed III. As revealed in a recently released trailer, the third Beliefs Set seven years after the last, the film sees Adonis reconnect with an old friend in Jonathan Majors’ Damian. But this friendship soon becomes complicated when Damian reveals he wants a shot at Donny and his crown, and an epic battle begins between two men who were once like brothers.


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After giving fans a first taste of Creed III Through this highly dramatic trailer, director and star Jordan is now revealing more details about what’s happening in the new movie. Jordan appeared at a press conference before the release of the trailer and told where the third Beliefs film falls into the franchise timeline, discussing the reasons behind the film set seven years after the events of Creed II. Check out Jordan’s comments in the space below (via CinemaBlend):

I think it was important to get to a pivotal point in Donny and Bianca’s careers. I think we’ve seen them fall in love. We’ve seen them come together and start living together in a family. I wanted to get to the next stage, the next crossroads for them, you know? The next level of life and experience as young adults dealing with professional careers and family, and the choices that come with it. … It was a reflection of where I was in my life, professionally, personally. I just had a lot to say about that, so I thought we’d make progress there.

What Creed 3’s time jump tells us about the story

Jordan’s comments emphasize that in Creed III, fans will see Donny and Bianca together in a new phase in their lives, no longer the young couple from the last two films, but now more mature and faced with new responsibilities and career challenges. This will certainly play a part in how Donny responds to the challenge Damian has thrown at him, and how he ultimately approaches his boxing showdown with the film’s villain. It’s also significant that after seven years, Donny may not be as mentally and physically sharp as when he took on Viktor Drago in the climax of Creed II. And this time, he probably won’t have Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa around to get him through his training paces.

The Rocky Balboa factor is indeed one of the greater mysteries surrounding Creed III. It is believed that Stallone does not appear in the film, but it is always possible that he could make a surprise cameo appearance. But if Rocky is out of the movie altogether, it’s worth speculating about where he might be after seven years. Is it possible that Creed III will even reveal that Rocky passed away in the years since Creed II? The trailer seems to indicate that Rocky is really alive in the new movie, but after seven years he is a very old man and death may be just around the corner for the former champion and cancer survivor. Whatever happens to Rocky in Creed 3, the film is sure to show fans a new side of Adonis and Bianca as they establish themselves as an experienced and mature couple. But of course, new responsibilities won’t stop Adonis from taking on Damian’s challenge and climbing back into the ring to prove himself once again.

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Source: CinemaBlend

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