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Christian Bale Recalls Being Threatened For Taking American Psycho Role

Christian Bale recently recalled being threatened for starring in american psychopath. Bale, 12, began his long acting career as a child and made waves with his groundbreaking role as Jamie Graham in Steven Spielberg’s epic World War II. realm of the sun. The film’s success propelled his career forward with roles in News items, Swing Kidsand petite women. However, it was his controversial role as Patrick Bateman in american psychopath which confirmed his star status.


Released in 2000, the Mary Harron-directed psychological thriller is based on the popular Bret Easton Ellis novel of the same name. The film revolves around Bateman, a restless New York City investment banker who leads a separate life as a deranged serial killer. Mixing gruesome horror with black comedy, american psychopath received mixed reviews upon its release, although it has since developed a strong cult following. However, Bale was singled out and praised for his compelling and terrifying performance as the titular character. Completion american psychopathThe acclaimed cast includes Willem Dafoe, Jared Leto, Chloë Sevigny and writer-director Justin Theroux.

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During a conversation with GQ About his most iconic movie roles over the years, Bale recalls being threatened for his role in american psychopath. The actor admitted that there were people who actively rejected the film, explaining that one of his friends ran into someone who told them they wanted to physically hurt the actor because of the film. Read what Bale said below:

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I remember someone threatening me in the street because some people objected to the making of the film and stuff. And I remember people saying they would harm me and things like that… Someone warned me, it must have been a friend of mine, it was early on the internet, and they called me up and they went, ” There’s someone and they know where you walk every day and you go down this alley and they say they’ll jump on you and they’ll rip your cerebral cortex out of your head So please don’t go down that alley. ” So of course I thought, “I’m going down that alley. I want to see what happens.” Luckily I kept walking back and forth and said, “Where are they? Come on.” [Laughs]

Why American Psycho Was So Controversial

Due to the highly violent content of american psychopath, an emotional response is expected. Fortunately for the actor, the threat he faced was an empty one, as Bale was never physically addressed during the film, although he apparently sought a confrontation with the individual. Despite its controversial nature, american psychopath is still respected as one of the best films Bale ever made in his long Hollywood career.

A scathing dissection of 1980s materialism and narcissism, american psychopath challenged viewers with its bold depictions of sex and violence. The callousness of Bateman’s actions, coupled with the fact that his privilege allows him to commit his suspected crimes with impunity, leaves the audience feeling unsatisfied by the end of the film. The film served as a scathing critique of 1980s American culture, but also held a mirror to the early 21st century audience. While many critics clung to the grotesque when the film was first reviewed, american psychopath has since become a must-watch for any fan of Bale and psychological horrors.

Source: GQ

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