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Brendan Fraser Addresses Potential The Mummy 4 Movie Return

Brendan Fraser talks about a potential mom 4 comeback of the movie franchise. Before becoming a leading action star, Fraser made a name for himself in smaller comedy productions such as Encino Man and Airheads. But thanks to the success of the 1997 cult classic George of the Junglestarring Fraser, director Stephen Sommers cast the actor as Rick O’Connell in the swashbuckling action-adventure film the mummythat would take Fraser to Hollywood stardom.

Fraser reprized the role in two sequels, 2001 The mummy returns and 2008 The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. After that third installment, there was an attempted reboot in 2017 starring Tom Cruise, which was an infamous box office bomb. as the mom franchise is dormant, Fraser is experiencing a career renaissance, most notably with his critically acclaimed performance in The whale. With Fraser on the comeback path and legacy sequels one of the more popular Hollywood trends, some are wondering if Fraser would ever return to Rick O’Connell.


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Fraser opens with Variety about the possibility of a mom 4 movie back. The actor wasn’t sure how a mom reboot might work but he seemed open to the idea. Check out his comments below:

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“I don’t know how it would work. But I’d be open to it if someone came up with the right conceit.”

Unfortunately, Fraser doesn’t go into much detail about his concerns or what the “correct concept” in front of The Mummy 4 could be. However, he later alludes to the difficulties and successful aspects of his submissions Variety interview discussing Universal’s 2017 reboot, which could end up being what a mom 4 should attract the actor and the audience. Fraser says Cruise’s mom missed the fun, thrilling action elements that made the 2000s mom movies had in spades. Therefore, a mom 4 should probably recapture the exciting and adventurous tones that made Fraser’s entries an enjoyable viewing experience for the audience.

While Fraser is open to return for a mom 4the actor is now very different from his last performance as O’Connell in 2008. He has aged nearly 15 years and has undergone many surgeries to address his stunt-related injuries at the outset. mom movies, so the actor may not be able to play the same kinds of intense action scenes anymore. But stars like Harrison Ford in Indiana JonesBruce Willis in die hardand Arnold Schwarzenneger in the terminator demonstrated that older action stars can still successfully create modern genre entries. Following those trends, a true Fraser return to the mom franchise would likely involve the actor taking minimal risks with stunt work and passing the torch to a younger generation. Still, the public would undoubtedly like to see O’Connell return to the silver screen.

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Source: Variety



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