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Boyfriend on trial for murder for fatal stabbing of woman in Oakland

OAKLAND — Charges have been filed against a man for his girlfriend’s fatal stabbing in a car in East Oakland Wednesday, according to authorities and court documents.

The charges filed Thursday against Jose Guardado-Lara, 21, of San Francisco, also include improvements that the victim was “particularly vulnerable” and that the suspect “used a position of trust to commit the crime,” the documents said.

Killed by multiple stab wounds was Vanessa Rodriguez-Cermeno, 22, of Fairfield. Court documents state that the attack was recorded on video surveillance.

The couple had been dating for nearly a year, police were told, and had been together earlier in the day at a Berkeley dog ​​park.

Vanessa Rodriguez Cermeno (The woman stabbed in oakland)

Vanessa Rodriguez Cermeno, a certified nursing assistant, drove with them in a car that they parked on E Street near 98th Avenue about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Vanessa Rodriguez Cermeno was a Healthcare Worker and Nursing Student in Fairfield, California, United States.

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The two got into a heated argument that ended with Rodriguez-Cermeno being stabbed multiple times despite trying to fight back, police said. She was able to open the driver’s door to try to escape, but collapsed before she could fully exit the vehicle.

Guardado-Lara fled on foot before officers arrived on the scene.

According to court documents, officers maintaining traffic posts were approached by a witness on a bicycle who had followed the suspect and gave officers his description. The witness took officers to the last place he saw the suspect, who was arrested while walking the 1200 block of 90th Avenue.

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He had blood spatter on his pants and a cut on his left middle finger, authorities said.

He is being held without bail in the Santa Rita Jail.

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