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Blumhouse CEO Dresses As Horror Movie Icon-To-Be M3GAN For Halloween

Jason Blum reveals his impressive Halloween transformation in M3GAN, the AI ​​robot from Blumhouse’s upcoming horror movie. As one of the most prominent studios in the horror genre, Blumhouse has had an incredibly strong year of successful releases, starting this summer The black phone led by Ethan Hawke to the recent release of Halloween ends, which rounded out Jamie Lee Curtis’ time as Laurie Strode. With 2023 approaching, audiences are gearing up for Blumhouse’s next release, M3GAN.


The sci-fi drenched horror movie will see Allison Williams star as a roboticist named Gemma, who creates a lifelike doll who quickly befriends her young niece after she loses her parents in a car accident. However, as M3GAN becomes more and more self-aware, things quickly take a murderous turn. After the release of the official trailer earlier this month, M3GAN instantly became a viral sensation for a particular scene where the doll performs a short dance routine, which as a result inspired a number of memes. This online attention has led to: M3GAN become one of the most anticipated movies of 2023, and now the CEO of Blumhouse has jumped in.

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In honor of the Halloween season, Blum, who is known for pulling out all the stops with his costumes every year, reveals some stunning photos of his M3GAN costume after teasing the process of his transformation on Twitter. Blum’s spot-on look sees him don the same pink dress with striped sleeves as M3GAN, while the producer also wears a long blonde wig and makeup to look more like the doll. Blum’s followers were quick to praise the effort put into his Halloween costume, with some even suggesting that he reuse the look for the film’s premiere.

Why M3GAN has fans of horror movies so excited

The audience is incredibly excited to learn what lies ahead within .’s events M3GANall the more so after learning that the film was written by the same duo as another fan-favorite horror from 2021. James Wan and Akela Cooper previously collaborated on another Blumhouse release, malicious, which divided audiences, although positive reviews saw it praised for its bizarre, over-the-top storyline and the general craziness of its third act. With Cooper who wrote the script for M3GAN from a story by her and Wan, audiences are looking forward to seeing how this duo will put their own unique spin on the killer doll trope.

Blum’s fabulous costume is certainly the perfect way to kick off this year’s Halloween celebrations and also serves as a brilliant promo for M3GANthe upcoming release. With Blumhouse’s past horror icons spawning their own line of films, it remains to be seen whether M3GAN will have a future beyond the confines of this release, although it will likely depend on the film’s box office performance. Of M3GAN poised to kick off another exciting year for Blumhouse, the question now is whether Blum will be able to top it with next year’s costume.

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