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Blade’s Production Delay Hints It’s A Big Part Of The MCU’s Future

SheetThe production delays may seem disappointing, but they’re actually a good sign for Mahershala Ali’s MCU introduction and the franchise as a whole. The MCUs Sheet was confirmed to be in development during SDCC 2019, just before the end of the Infinity Saga and the start of the Multiverse Saga. Expectations were high thanks to Mahershala Ali’s involvement, and they were reinforced in late 2021 with Ali’s vote as Blade in the first Eternals scene after the credits.


However, the MCUs Sheet has encountered some obstacles since the announcement, leading to a delay of nearly a year from November 2023 to September 2024. Without expecting any physical appearance until then, and since mystical episodes such as Moon Knight and Werewolf at night expanding the dark corners of the MCU, Blade’s late arrival in the Multiverse Saga seems worrisome. However, this is actually a good thing for Sheet and the MCU as all the behind-the-scenes efforts clearly deployed Sheet suggest it’s not just another MCU movie. Marvel Studios is clearly eager to get Sheet just right as part of the MCU’s key to continued success.

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Why Marvel is taking so long to release Blade

Before the delays Sheet was originally set to release between the miracles and Captain America: New World Order. But for a 2023 release date, the script should be ready by mid to late 2022 and filming by early 2023 at the latest. The creative minds behind Sheet appear to be unhappy with the script, resulting in the departure of original director Bassim Tariq and a significant change in release dates. While Marvel Studios was quick Moon Knight writer Beau de Mayo to rewrite Stacy Osei-Kuffour’s script, Sheet will still have to be postponed to September 2024 while they find a new director, which also means delays for Deadpool 3, Fantastic fourand Avengers: Secret Wars.

Compared to the movie that originally preceded it, that of 2023 the miracles, Sheet has a big challenge with the public. the miracles already running on the foundations laid by the introduction of Carol Danvers in 2019 Captain MarvelMonica Rambeau in 2021 WandaVisionand Kamala Khan in 2022 Mrs. Marvel. Sheeton the other hand, has only been promoted by the involvement of Mahershala Ali and the voice of Blade in Eternals. Therefore, less than a year of production, from development to release, would have been extremely limiting for a new Marvel property.

What the latest blade delay means for the future of the MCU

The delays of several Phase 5 and 6 films make it clear that Sheet cannot just be randomly moved across the MCU slate. Whatever happens in Sheetappears to be setting up Mahershala Ali’s Eric Brooks as a key character before the Avengers reunite in Avengers: Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. so far, Eternals already suggested that Mahershala Ali’s Blade knows something important about the mystical properties of the Ebony Blade, and that he can help Dane Whitman in his future adventures as the Black Knight. Werewolf at night introduced a variety of Legendary monsters, which may also require Blade’s vampire hunter skills. And the potential alliance of mystical characters like Moon Knight, Wong and Doctor Strange could result in an MCU Midnight Sons team, which would be the perfect place for Blade. Without Blade’s proper introduction, these potential storylines would either stumble or make it clear that Marvel’s most famous vampire fighter just couldn’t arrive in time.

Why Blade’s delays could be good for the MCU

Marvel Studios’ focus on getting Blade right could give him a similar role to Iron Man’s in Phase 1. Jon Favreau’s sense of direction, Kevin Feige’s vision, and Robert Downey Jr’s input. have helped Iron Man kickstart the MCU with the right foot, and its legacy continued through the Infinity Saga and after Iron Man’s departure in Avengers: Endgame. Likewise Mahershala Ali’s devotion to Sheet and Marvel Studios’ dedication suggests the wait will be worth it, even if it means Sheet and other movies will take longer to arrive. As soon as Marvel dissolves Sheets production issues, it will be apparent that the delays prioritized quality over speed.

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