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Black Adam’s Pierce Brosnan On Potential Dr. Fate Return In The DCU

After the events of Black Adam, Pierce Brosnan talks about Doctor Fate’s potential returning to the DCU for future films.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Black Adam.Black Adam star Pierce Brosnan talks about potentially reappearing in the DCU as Doctor Fate. After several years of being stuck in development hell, Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam The film has finally opened in theaters around the world, introducing one of the newest power players in the DCU (formerly known as the DCEU). Black Adam focused on Teth-Adam’s tragic backstory and how he turned from a Kahndaq slave to a divine figure among his people.


While Black Adam confronted the criminal organization known as Intergang and the supervillain Sabbac, Johnson’s film also introduced another set of iconic characters into the larger DCU to help flesh out the franchise. After appearing in several live-action DC TV shows, including: smallville and star girl, Black Adam marked the film debut of the Justice Society of America, the Golden Age team that predates the Justice League in most canons. For this iteration of the JSA, the team consisted of Hawkman, Cyclone, Atom Smasher, and Doctor Fate. While the first three heroes recount the events of Black AdamBrosnan’s Doctor Fate made the ultimate sacrifice in the final battle against Sabbac.

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Despite Kent Nelson’s tragic end, Doctor Fate’s story in the DCU may not be over. In a new interview with USA todayBrosnan talks about his potential future with the franchise after the closing of Black Adam. He gives a rather optimistic answer when he shares the following:

“So I think the door is open. I honestly have no idea where this is going. I just know I’m very proud of the work Dr. Fate is playing and I’m honored to be a part of the DC comic book world.”

How Dr. Fate could return to the DC universe

While Kent’s body and Nabu’s helmet have evaporated from the sight of Black Adam and the Justice Society, the DCU has an easy fix when it comes to this particular death. Despite his grim fate, Doctor Fate has always been one of DC Comics’ most powerful magical users, to the point where he can even challenge Superman. Since Doctor Fate’s helmet disappeared the same way Kent did, it wouldn’t be shocking if sequels adapt the idea of ​​where a piece of his mind is in the helmet for whoever gets chosen as the new hero. On the other hand, it’s possible that Kent used his power to trick everyone into thinking he died, when instead he simply teleported away, knowing it was up to the others to defeat Sabbac.

With so many story options at the ready, Black Adam doesn’t have to be the last time Brosnan’s Doctor Fate appears in the DCU. Whether he’s still alive or has become part of the Helmet of Nabu to perhaps select the next Doctor Fate, it would be great to see Brosnan stay in the DCU in some capacity. If future DC Studios movies eventually introduce Khalid Nassour to serve as the next Doctor Fate, Kent’s mind or spirit infused with the helmet could be a fun buddy cop concept with the former hero guiding the new mentor. Depending on whether Black Adam gets a sequel or not, time will tell whether the DCU will see Brosnan again as Doctor Fate.

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Source: USA today

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