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Black Adam’s Original Post-Credits Scene Plan Revealed

New details reveal the original plan for Black Adam’s post-credits scene and the very different way the big cameo would take place.

Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for Black Adam!

The original plan for Black Adam‘s post-credits scene has been revealed. Dwayne Johnson’s highly anticipated debut as Black Adam in the DC Extended Universe featured a number of other new and familiar characters. The audience was treated to cameos from The Suicide Squad‘s Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) and Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland), while Black Adam also introduced Justice Society characters such as Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan) and Hawkman (Aldis Hodge). The big surprise DCEU connection came at the very end with Henry Cavill’s Superman in the film’s mid-credits scene.


Black AdamIn the post-credits scene, Black Adam can be seen in the ruins of Kahndaq’s temple at night when a drone that belongs to Amanda Waller flies in. She threatens him to stay in Kahndaq after he escapes from secret Task Force X prison and warns that she will enlist the help of people not from Earth to stop him if necessary. When Black Adam destroys the drone and tells Waller who she wants, Superman appears in Black Adam‘s post credits scene. It’s been reported that the cameo didn’t materialize until late in the film’s production, with Dwayne Johnson even going past Walter Hamada, the head of DC Films, to get Cavill back.

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As part of an interview with THR, Black Adamcinematographer Lawrence Sher talked about the film’s Superman scene and how Henry Cavill’s look came about. It was part of this interview that Black Adam‘s original scene plan after the credits was revealed. The first draft of the scene reportedly showed only Superman’s emblem, obscuring his face as the Man of Steel stood in front of Black Adam. The original Black Adam post-credits scene was shot with a body double during reshoots and no Cavill was involved.

Black Adam Could Have Continued DC’s Faceless Superman Cameo Trend

if Black Adam‘s original post-credits scene plan would have continued, the film would have continued DC’s trend to include faceless Superman cameos. After the Justice League debacle with Superman’s CGI upper lip, Warner Bros. and Henry Cavill couldn’t agree on what his future would look like. This led to Shazam! with a Superman cameo that didn’t show his face because Cavill wasn’t involved. peacekeeper continued the trend by having Superman appear with the Justice League, but his face was obscured by shadows. It seems Black AdamThe original post-credits scene would have done something similar.

It’s definitely the best that Black AdamThe post-credits scene plans changed and Henry Cavill returned. A third faceless Superman cameo would have been another sign that Cavill’s days of playing the Man of Steel were over and DC could recast the role. Instead of, Black AdamThe scene after the credits serves as a sign that Henry Cavill will continue to play Superman even if he doesn’t have a contract to do so. Plan for Man of Steel 2 and the guarantee of Black Adam and Superman fighting gives him a bright future with the DCEU, which wouldn’t be possible with Black Adam‘s original post-credits scene.

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Source: THR

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