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Black Adam Star Dwayne Johnson Shades DCEU Superman’s Long Absence

Ahead of his superhero debut in Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson casts shadow on Warner Bros. for sidelining Superman in the DCEU. The DC Films project, directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, was in development long before it went into production. However, after years of waiting, Johnson will soon debut as the antihero in Black Adam alongside the Justice Society of America (JSA). Given the impending release date later this month, the press run for the film has begun, with the lead actor doing the media rounds to promote the blockbuster.


Specific plot details for: Black Adam are still kept secret, with the official promotional images focusing more on showing action sequences and upcoming characters. Aside from the main cast, however, there have been rumors of DCEU cameos in the film, most notably Henry Cavill’s Superman. The Last Son of Krypton started the franchise in 2013 through Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, but due to multiple changes in the universe since then, his future there remains uncertain. Despite the call for Man of Steel 2continues to Warner Bros. keep quiet about when the hero reappears in the film series.

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While we discuss what to expect from Black Adam in an interview with Jake’s Taken, Johnson discusses people’s hopes of seeing his character face off against Cavill’s Superman, as the two are among the most powerful characters in the DC universe. While the actor skillfully dodges questions about the aforementioned cameo rumours, he criticizes Warner Bros. for shelving the Man of Steel, who is arguably the most popular comic book character of all time. Read Johnson’s quote below:

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I was also listening to the fans at the same time you have Black Adam. We will create Black Adam for him to be the most powerful and unstoppable force on this planet. The most powerful and unstoppable force in the entire universe has been sidelined for too long.

Will Superman appear in Black Adam?

For years there have been rumors of Cavill’s return as DCEU’s Superman. When the news initially broke that he was supposedly out of the universe, the actor confirmed his continued ownership of the role. However, despite multiple back and forth, there is still no concrete evidence that Warner Bros. plans to bring it back soon. But that could all change in Black Adam. Between Johnson’s star power and his anticipated DCEU fame, he could very well be the only person who could convince the studio to finally give fans what they want and make Cavill’s Superman return a reality. For what it’s worth, the former WWE star has been dropping subtle hints that the Man of Steel will actually have a cameo Black Adam.

It’s hard to dispute Johnson’s opinion of Superman. Warner Bros. in any case, should have capitalized on the superhero’s popularity and include him in as many projects as possible. Cavill’s iteration is also generally loved, which should make it easier for them to use it more often in the DCEU. Hopefully there are rumors about Superman Black Adam appearance marks Cavill’s official return to the franchise which could lead to not only more cameos but the critically acclaimed Man of Steel 2.

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Source: Jake’s Taken

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