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Black Adam Roasted By DC Movie Fans For Bad Writing

With Dwayne Johnson’s DC debut in theaters, Black Adam’s reactions to The Rock’s film are burning for its poor writing and terrible dialogue.

As Dwayne Johnson’s DC debut hits theaters, Black Adam many comments ruin the film’s seemingly poor writing style. The DC Extended Universe movie primarily provides an origin story for the titular antihero, once a slave to Khandaq who was given powers by the ancient sorcerer Shazam and was imprisoned for thousands of years for abusing those powers. Once Black Adam is released into the modern world, his barbaric behavior quickly attracts the attention of the Justice Society of America who are trying to reform him. Black Adam was directed by Jungle Cruise‘s Jaume Collett-Serra and written by Adam Sztykiel, Rory Haines and Sohrab Noshirvani.


Next Black AdamWith its world premiere earlier this month, initial reactions to the DCEU film started pouring in on social media, with early reports largely praising Johnson’s electric performance in the lead role. It wasn’t until critics started publishing their official publication Black Adam reviews that the reaction began to sway negatively. Currently, Black AdamThe Rotten Tomatoes score is in the 40 percent range, the DCEU’s worst since 2017 Justice League.

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Of Black Adam now showing in theaters everywhere, audiences see the film and share their reactions online. A number of Twitter cinephiles object to the film’s poor writing, particularly the uninspired dialogue. Comments have called Black Adam‘s dialogue everything from “awful” “terrible” “cringey” “mold” “lazy” “general,” and “tastelessCheck out some of the comments below:

What the public really thinks about Black Adam

Although there is a vocal part of Black AdamThe audience that is roasting the film seems to be outnumbered. Contrary to the critical reactions, the general public reacts very positively to Black Adamwith an 88% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes and impressive audience ratings also on IMDb and Metacritic. Black Adam also got off to a strong start at the box office on Thursday with $7.6 million in preview screenings, signaling a lot of excitement for The Rock’s DC debut and Black Adam‘s post-credits cameo.

Overall, Black Adam appears to be a bit divided. This is hardly a first for a DCEU movie, because Man of Steel, suicide squad, Batman vs Superman, and 2017 Justice League all caused huge rifts between the critical community and various factions of the fanbase. With superhero blockbusters focusing on so much action, expensive special effects, and franchise building, the writing and dialogue often falls by the wayside. Of Black Adam now playing in theaters, the audience can see the film and make a decision for themselves.

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