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Black Adam Is Intentionally Missing DC Hero Hawkgirl

Black Adam deliberately misses DC superhero Hawkgirl, Hawkman actor Aldis Hodge reveals. The highly anticipated upcoming film will officially introduce Dwayne Johnson as a superhero in the DC Extended Universe. Originally believed to appear as a villain in Shazam!Johnson was associated with the Black Adam script as early as 2014. Johnson is also an executive producer and stars as the titular antihero in black Adam, in which he describes his integration into modern society after his release from an unjust 5,000-year prison sentence. The Justice Society of America is faced with ruling in the formidable Black Adam as they attempt to reshape the warrior’s skills for good.


Black Adam a large number of characters from the original comics have been confirmed, including the highly anticipated Justice Society of America. While Carter Hall/Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Kent Nelson/Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan), Albert “Al” Rothstein/Atom Smasher (Noah Cenitneo), and Maxine Hunkel/Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell) round out the lineup, it’s some fans noticed the absence of Hawkgirl, a central character in the comics. Johnson tweeted in 2020, admitting she was originally slated to be featured in Black Adambut those plans somehow fell apart.

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Now Hawkman Actor Aldis Hodge Reveals The Reason Behind Hawkgirl’s Absence In Black Adam is intentional, per Comic. The star shared that although he can’t say how the character’s absence could play a role in a possible sequel, there’s a reason behind it. Watch Hodge’s response below:

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“Oh, I can’t really talk about that, her factoring into the movie story-wise, becauseā€¦ Yeah, I can’t say how it would play out in the movie, other than the fact that it would still be great, . .. It would be great but her not being there is intentional We have room to grow so we may go further though and we can explore different roads hopefully that’s one of the roads we do come across But everything has a meaning and a purpose.”

Will Hawkgirl be in Black Adam 2 or other DC movies?

Although it is clear that Hawkgirl is not in it Black Adamit seems plausible that the superhero will be introduced in Black Adam 2, given her presence in the comics and Hodge’s response. As Hodge points out, the franchise has room to grow as this is just the beginning. This could mean that Hawkgirl’s entry is in the works as she lives countless lives as an immortal warrior, constantly reinventing herself and her skills.

On the other hand, the absence of Hawkgirl in Black Adam could mean something happened to her, potentially giving the franchise space to explore her and Hawkman’s backstory. When Hawkgirl is introduced in Black Adam 2, this can present some challenges for Black Adam‘s canon, meaning it would make more sense if a prequel happened. Since the character originally appears as Shiera Sanders Hall, wife of Alan Carter/Hawkman and immortal soulmate, her current form is Kendra Saunders in the latest installment of the comics. Hawkgirl’s relationship with Hawkman should be discussed in Black Adam if she is later included, or a backstory must be established for the character if she appears in the future. However, this could be revealed in a possible prequel to Black Adam, throwing the spotlight on the couple. Hopefully the public will have a clearer answer when: Black Adam opens in theaters on Friday, October 21.

Source: Comic

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