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Black Adam Cast Laugh About How Quickly JSA Would Defeat Batman

The Black Adam laughed at how quickly the Justice Society of America would defeat Batman. In cinemas from 21 October Black Adam introduces Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to the DC Extended Universe as the eponymous antihero. The film primarily provides an origin story for the antihero who, after 5,000 years in prison, is unleashed into modern times. His barbaric behavior quickly attracts the attention of the JSA, who attempt to reform Black Adam to defeat a greater evil, Intergang’s leader Sabbac.


Unlike Johnson’s titular antihero, Black Adam also introduces multiple members of the JSA to the DCEU. This includes Aldis Hodge as Hawkman, Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher, Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone, and Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate. In the months leading up to its release, The Rock and the rest of theā€¦ Black Adam cast teased the film’s connections to the wider DCEU, including the Justice League, and spin-offs for the film’s JSA characters. One prospect that hasn’t come up yet is the JSA taking on Batman so far.

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In a video for Vanity Fair in which the Black Adam cast breaks down fan theories, Johnson put forward the idea that the JSA is going up against the Justice League in the DCEU, specifically Batman. This sparked a passionate rant from Hodge about how the Dark Knight wouldn’t stand a chance against the JSA, while he and Centineo figured out some creative ways the fight would go. Read what they said below:

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Hodge: He’s going to take small things. He’s going to shoot his little grapple, you know what I mean? He’s going to get his car. All it takes are a few strands of Cyclone [air whooshing], let his car fly. Atom Smasher catches it in the air, boom, put it in his pocket, hunk, and you know we’re good to go.

centineo: Put it in my pocket, trip, I fall. I land on you in my pocket. Oh, did I do that? I take it out, you’re squashed, oops, I dropped you on the floor, but you fell thirty feet.

Hodge: Oh no, your cape couldn’t help you either, oh no I have a lot of respect for Batman by the way. But I’m just saying, stand up to the JSA. I do not feel well.

Would Batman stand any chance against the JSA?

The JSA members in Black Adam each possess superpowers that would make them infinitely more effective in a fight against the impotent Batman. Doctor Fate is arguably the most powerful of the group given his sorcery skills and magical helmet. As their names suggest, Cyclone has the power to control the wind while Atom Smasher can manipulate its size. Besides being incredibly rich, Bruce Wayne is known to have no superpowers and has to rely on his gadgets, such as his bat-shaped shurikens and grappling hook, not to mention the Batmobile.

All things considered, Batman probably wouldn’t stand a chance against the JSA. Now that the superhero team and Ben Affleck’s Batman (soon to be Michael Keaton’s) both exist within the DCEU, it’s possible the two sides will face each other on screen in the future, especially under Johnson’s new ambitious vision for the shared universe. after theBlack Adam. Although due to the inherent power imbalance, the JSA vs Batman may not be the most exciting of possibilities.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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