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Bill & Ted Star Reacts To Newly Uncovered Easter Egg

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure star, Alex Winter, recently took to social media to share his thoughts on a newly discovered Easter Egg.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure star Alex Winter reacted with surprise to a newly discovered Easter Egg. In the Stephen Herek-directed comedy released in 1989, Winter plays Bill S. Preston, a dim-witted high school student who fails his history class, alongside his bland best friend Ted “Theodore” Logan, played by John Wick star Keanu Reeves. The comedy proved popular with critics and audiences alike, spawning two sequels and two television series.


George Carlin stars as Rufus, a psychedelic time traveler from the future, who must lend Bill and Ted a time machine to save the world’s future from itself by creating music so powerful it leads to world peace. Rufus locates the titular duo in a Circle K supermarket in 1988 and sends the partners on an adventure through time to find some of the most prominent figures in world history. With some time left, Bill and Ted return to the present in their payphone time machine to successfully deliver their oral history presentation and save the world.

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Following a recent post on Reddit, Winter responded to an easter egg discovered thanks to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure‘s recent 4K home release. The message on r/MovieDetails by you/downwarddawg pointed out that the 4K resolution allows viewers to see that during a scene in the year 2688, The Great Ones hover over a miniature version of a Circle K store. Winter responded to a Shout! Factory tweet shared the details, claiming he didn’t know the prop in question. The actor tagged one of the film’s writers, Ed Solomon, who also admitted to not knowing anything about the Easter Egg. Winter assumes that the prop belongs to the film’s production designer, Roy Forge Smith. Check out Winter’s answer below.

This highlights the importance of 4K transfers

With no information on why the futuristic Great Ones sit above a fake Circle K, fans can only speculate about its significance. Probably the meeting between Rufus, Bill and Ted in the Circle K supermarket has been known for centuries. Future historians may have studied every detail of the world, rendezvoused, remembered and commemorated every last detail. This would also be the shop where Rufus met the duo.

The Circle K Easter Egg might never have been known if the movie hadn’t given 4K transmission. The higher quality images offer higher resolutions than previous video formats and available streaming, and the transfer significantly improves the sound quality. This gives buyers the clearest possible view of their favorite movies, enhancing the viewing experience. In addition to discovering new details in movies, 4K transfers can breathe new life into older movies by giving new generations the chance to experience classics in the best possible way. Of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure‘s Circle K Easter Egg only now discovered more than 30 years after the film’s release, what other details will fans find in the 4K transfers of their favorite movies?

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Source: Alex Winter, reddit

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