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Ben Affleck’s Solo Batman Movie Would Have Fixed His Daredevil Failure

Ben Affleck’s unedited solo Batman movie could have made up for 2003’s Daredevil as it was influenced by a classic Marvel comic book arc.

Ben Affleck’s Batman movie would have made up for 2003 daredevil with the story it would tell. Ben Affleck’s portrayal of a dark veteran Batman has had its ups and downs, with the actor leaving the role and his planned Batman solo movie due to numerous behind-the-scenes issues. More recent DCEU developments have led to Affleck starting to return to his role as the Caped Crusader, but with supporting roles in upcoming films. The flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.


Details about Ben Affleck’s solo Batman story and his place in the DCEU have also been made public, with the film pitting its Dark Knight against Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello), after his encounter with Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Manganiello revealed David Fincher’s The game was a major influence on Affleck’s so-called martial arts-heavy Batman movie, and similarities to the Daredevil have also been noted Born again comic storyline. Now that Affleck had portrayed Daredevil in the character’s 2003 film of the same name and expressed disappointment at it — to the point of distancing himself from comic book movies for years — his Batman movie’s story would have been something of a redemption.

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How Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie Was Similar to Daredevil: Born AgainBen Affleck Batman Deathstroke Justice League Post Credits SR

As revealed by Joe Manganiello, in Ben Affleck’s Batman movie, Deathstroke is said to have had a personal vendetta against the main character’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne. The plot saw the villain kill the people closest to Bruce and decimate his finances. Then, with his life in tatters, Batman is said to have had a confrontation with Deathstroke, in which Batgirl would lend him a hand.

In the Born again comically, Daredevil is similarly brought to his lowest point by his fight with the Kingpin. Daredevil is homeless and the killer Nuke is hired to kill him. Fortunately, Captain America lends support to Daredevil against the pair of villains. Born again was, with some adjustments, adapted for Netflix’s daredevil season 3 while the character’s MCU comeback show, Daredevil: Born Againtook the title.

Why The Born Again Influences Made Affleck’s Batman Story Better

Neither Ben Affleck nor Joe Manganiello has spoken about Born again as the basis for their canceled Batman movie, but the story fits perfectly with the kind of Batman Affleck had settled in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Bruce Wayne of Affleck was introduced as Batman for 20 years, killing his opponents more easily and increasing in his cynicism and brutality. With its dark tone and conflict of a hero battling through the grimiest chapter of his life, Born again would be a great story for any Batman movie to follow, and Affleck seemingly recognized this given the way he structured his script.

Born again and The game weren’t the only influences Affleck had on his Batman movie. the batter director Matt Reeves also noted a 007 influence on Affleck’s story. That Affleck apparently drew on one of Daredevil’s most popular stories for his script makes his unrealized Batman movie a relic of a different kind. With the disappointment he expressed his feelings about? daredevilAffleck’s James Bond style Batman Paradoxically, the film could have come closest to the Daredevil film he had set out to make.

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