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Barbarian Director Zach Cregger Hints At A Follow Up Prequel Movie

Director Zach Cregger Reveals His Idea for a Possible Prequel Movie Barbarianhis groundbreaking horror hit that was released in September 2022. Cregger is best known for his work as an actor, writer and director of the cult classic, sketch comedy series, The whitest kids you know. When Cregger was conceptualizing? Barbarianhe was inspired by a non-fiction self-help book, The Gift of Fear, which encourages readers to listen to their instincts and notice the early warning signs of violence. Cregger was especially inspired by a section of the book that explores the red flags that women should be aware of in their interactions with men. The director developed a 30-page scene with as many of these red flags as possible, which would later become the script for Barbarian.


Barbarian follows Tess Marshall (Georgina Campbell), a woman who rents a place to stay, but soon realizes the property is already occupied with another guest, Keith (Bill Skarsgard). The two eventually discover a terrible secret in the basement: a horribly disfigured woman known as The Mother, a product of decades of incest and torture, has lived in the tunnels beneath the house, kidnapping people to raise as her own. . Tess and the other residents of the house must escape The Mother’s frenzy and end decades of suffering.

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In an interview with ComicCregger talks about the possibility for a sequel to Barbarian. Reply with a firm at first”noThe director explains that he would only be interested in revisiting the film if there was a compelling story to tell. Notably, Cregger has already discussed with The Mother actor, Matthew Patrick Davis, what a prequel film would be. who would trace his character’s origins.Read Cragger’s quote below:

“Matthew (Davis, “The Mother”) and I have had conversations about what a prequel would be and I’m not looking (to do that). I’m writing something else right now, so I’ I’m not focused on it but like yes there could be a prequel I think if there was a prequel to this movie it should follow The Mother It should make The Mother the main character and it would be her have to tell story.

“And I think that’s interesting to me, I don’t want to make a prequel about Frank kidnapping women, that’s not interesting to me. If there’s a way to crack that story, I think that could be a really interesting story.” to be.” cool movie, you know? So yes, I think the answer is the opposite of what I said when you first asked me. Look at me, I really turned around with this whole prequel thing.”

What a barbaric prequel could be about

Barbarian was well received by critics and fans alike, sparking excitement about the possibility of additional Cregger films. While the director flatly rejects the idea of ​​a prequel film that follows Frank as he kidnaps and abuses women, he’s more open about exploring The Mother’s origins. Despite being the primary antagonist of BarbarianThe Mother is a complex character with tragic, if not disturbing, motivations that could be fully explored in a prequel movie. Giving audiences the chance to empathize with The Mother’s violent and isolated upbringing provides an interesting new perspective on the story told in Barbarian.

However, anyone looking forward to a Barbarian sequel can wait for quite some time. Cregger is currently working on a new original horror script and is in talks to take over some existing horror franchises as well. The director is currently not interested in a return to the film, but is no longer completely ruling it out. After the success of BarbarianCregger has plenty of opportunities to excite and surprise the audience with his upcoming horror projects.

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