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Ariana Grande Debuts Blonde Wicked Hair For Glinda Role In Movie Musical

Ariana Grande Gets Character As Glinda For The Coming Bad film and reveals her new blonde hair to her followers. In November 2021, it was announced that the global pop sensation would return to its musical theater roots in the film adaptation of the beloved Broadway musical. Bad as Glinda, the bubbly and popular good witch, alongside Cynthia Erivo as the film’s anti-hero protagonist Elphaba. The film is directed by Crazy Rich Asiansdirector John M. Chu who proved he is more than capable of making musical films with his 2021 adaptation of Lin Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights.


The adaptation, which Chu revealed will be split into two parts, is currently being filmed in London, where the story of the two witches of Oz will be told, starting with their unlikely friendship and then falling apart long before Dorothy Gale is released. Kansas arrived. Although the original musical became a worldwide phenomenon, the road to a green-lit film version was not an easy one. Rumors of an adaptation have been circulating since 2004, just a year after the musical debuted on Broadway, and several directors from JJ Abrhams to Ryan Murphy have been attached to a potential Bad film for years, without anything coming to fruition. Now, with Chu on board to direct and two award-winning performers in the lead roles, fans are finally getting a film adaptation of Bad.

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Ariana Grande Has Officially Transformed Into Glinda The Good Witch, And Goes To Instagram to debut her new blonde locks, with matching dyed eyebrows, confirming that the production on the Bad movie is in progress. Much to the delight of fans, the pop sensation has abandoned her signature dark brown ponytail to take on the role she long claimed was her dream opportunity. Check out her post above.

Everything we know about The Wicked Movie

The filming of Bad was first announced by Universal in 2016 and since then more news has been slowly being shared about the production. In addition to Erivo and Grande, who were the first actors attached to the project, John M. Chu recently announced that: Bridgerton star Jonathan Bailey joins the cast as Fiyero, the idealistic love interest of both Elphaba and Glinda. While there’s no word on the rest of the cast, if the number of A-list celebrities who auditioned without making the cut is anything to be missed, the film is sure to be a star-studded affair.

Although the announcement that the adjustment of Bad was going to be split into two parts got mixed reactions from fans, showing how committed Chu is to preserving all the elements that made the original musical so iconic. In addition, many of the creative voices behind the original musical will have a hand in ensuring that the integrity and magic of the Broadway show lives on in the film. Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holzman, who co-wrote the music and lyrics for Bad, wrote the screenplay for the film and Marc Platt returns as producer. Schwartz previously shared that the film will also feature new music, with three new songs and one written for the original production but cut. Or the filming of Bad meets the high expectations attached to it will only become apparent when it is released in two parts on consecutive Christmas holidays, in December 2024 and December 2025.

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