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Anya Taylor-Joy Cast In Doctor Strange Director’s New Movie The Gorge

Anya Taylor-Joy is cast in Doctor Strange Director Scott Derrickson’s Upcoming Movie the chasm. In addition to his work on the 2016 Marvel film, Derrickson is known for his horror projects such as: The black phone and Sinister. the chasm‘s plot and logline is still unknown, but it will be produced by Skydance and has been described as a “genre-bending love story.”

the chasm also plays Miles Teller, who signed to the film in August. The Top Gun: Maverick actor is also an executive producer on the project. the chasm was originally sold as a spec script to Skydance by writer Zach Dean last year, after a long bidding war. Derrickson joined the project as director in March 2022, shortly before The black phone earned critical and box office success by grossing over $160 million worldwide on a $25 million budget.


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Per deadline, Anya Taylor-Joy joined the chasm as Teller’s co-star. Although the film has been in the works for quite some time, the project gained momentum after Derrickson and Teller joined forces amid their recent career successes. The black phone and Top Gun: Maverick, respectively. In addition to announcing Taylor-Joy’s casting, the chasm was officially picked up to be distributed by Apple Original Films.

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Every Upcoming Anya Taylor-Joy Movie

Taylor-Joy is one of the busiest actors in Hollywood right now. In addition to signing up with the chasmthe The Queen’s Gambit star has no shortage of other projects. One of the most anticipated is furiosaa spin-off of the Mad Max franchise to be released in 2024. Another is the adaptation of lolita novel by author Vladamir Nabokov laughing in the dark, who will reunite Taylor-Joy with The Queen’s Gambit co-creator Scott Frank, who will direct. Even closer than those projects are the Adam McKay-produced The menuslated for release on November 18, and her role as Princess Peach in The Super Mario Bros. Moviescheduled for April 7, 2023. The public can also see Taylor-Joy at David O. Russell’s Amsterdamwhich is now in cinemas.

Taylor Joy’s casting the chasm is seemingly perfect as she is known for her horror roles but is adept at blending in with any kind of character. the chasm‘s description of his “genre bending” certainly describes Taylor-Joy as well. Plus, her talent mixed with Teller’s, whose best roles are the intense whiplash and the coming-of-age movie The spectacular now, will certainly be an interesting combination. Because it is so early in production it will probably be some time before there is more information about it the chasm is released, but in the meantime, the public can look forward to Taylor-Joy’s other upcoming projects.

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