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Anya Taylor-Joy Brings Her Princess Peach to Life in New Photos

Super Mario Bros. movie star Anya Taylor-Joy brings her Princess Peach role to life in new photos, showing her love for the character.

Before playing the character in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Anya Taylor-Joy brings her Princess Peach to life in new photos. Illumination’s upcoming animation Super Mario Bros Movie is headed by Chris Pratt’s Mario. Despite all the attention this casting has received, the film also features a number of other high-profile performers playing legendary Nintendo characters. The Super Mario Bros Movie The cast includes Jack Black as Bowser, Charlie Day as Luigi and Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach to name a few. Each of the cast members will lend their voices to the characters for the animated film.


The voices involved in The Super Mario Bros. Movie have been a big topic of discussion, as Chris Pratt’s Mario voice was one of the most anticipated reveals from the first trailer. Reactions were not surprisingly mixed, as many complained that Pratt usually sounded like his normal self rather than trying to do the Italian plumber’s accent. That said, the Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer did give a glimpse of Khary Payton voicing the Penguin King, the Bowser voice of Jack Black, and Keegan Michael Key voicing Toad. The footage also includes a shot of Luigi, but many of the video game characters from the film remained hidden.

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Anya Taylor-Joy’s Princess Peach is one of the characters Super Mario Bros. Movie‘s marketing has yet to show. In honor of Halloween, the actress decided to bring the character to life in a new way. Thanks to a new post on Instagram, Anya Taylor-Joy debuted in live-action what she might look like as Princess Peach. The character’s yellow crown and pink dress are present, though Taylor-Joy put her own stylistic spin on the dress.

Everything We Know About Anya Taylor-Joy’s Princess Peach Role

Not much information is known about how Anya Taylor-Joy’s Princess Peach factors in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. If the video games are any indication, Peach will be a damsel in distress trying to save Mario. This is traditionally the role they play in various Mario spell. However, that expectation could be a reason for the animated film to do something new with Princess Peach. She could be a much more active participant in the story, giving Anya Taylor-Joy a bigger role overall. If not, Bowser may have to capture Princess Peach, which motivates Mario to save the day.

Ever since The Super Mario Bros. Movie hasn’t even shown Anya Taylor-Joy’s Princess Peach yet, it’s up to future trailers to give more details about her role. There’s a chance she won’t be featured in marketing material in the future if her role is minimal, but that would be a little disappointing. Taylor-Joy is a great actress who repeatedly makes great performances, and her Princess Peach Halloween costume shows her affinity for the role. Hopefully, The Super Mario Bros. Movie gives Princess Peach by Anya Taylor-Joy a major role.

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