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All The Clues To The Killer Twist & Case Solution

Warning! SPOILERS on Enola Holmes 2 ahead.Tackling a different case with an important event in British history, Enola Holmes 2 weaves a mysterious disappearance into a larger corruption investigation, all the while leaving clues as to the identity of the mastermind behind it all. Solving the Tewkesbury case in Enola Holmes kickstarted the title character’s desire to pursue a career as a detective, much like her brother Sherlock. Instead of, Enola Holmes 2 introduced a seemingly small investigation into the disappearance of a matchmaker girl, which turned out to be a larger case involving government corruption and corporate malpractice that led to several young girls working at the Lyon matchmaker dying.


Netflix’s Enola Holmes 2 delivers the solution to the various interrelated cases in a final showdown that reveals the multiple players with an invested interest in what happened. While Enola Holmes 2The ending made clear the connection between the money stolen from the Treasury Secretary, the villain, and the findings of Mae, Sarah and William’s investigation, also obscuring hints scattered about the detective drama. Here are all the clues that led to the resolution of the case in Enola Holmes 2 and how they unraveled the mysteries surrounding Sarah’s disappearance, the theft of the Treasury money, and the identity of the killer behind most of the machinations that Enola and Sherlock Holmes reveal.

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Mae who opposed Enola’s involvement was always about protecting their plan

Enola Holmes 2 quickly introduced the title character’s second case as an investigation into Sarah Chapman’s disappearance prompted by the request of her younger sister, Bessie. It soon became apparent that Bessie and Sarah’s roommate, Mae, was involved, as she was vehemently opposed to Enola.”stick her nosetheir affairs, afraid of what they might unearth. Although she didn’t necessarily see Mae as a villain in Enola Holmes 2 or directly suspects her of wrongdoing, it was always clear that Mae was hiding something.

For the short time that Mae lived in Enola Holmes 2, she fiercely defended her, Sarah and William’s plan to reveal Mr Lyon and Lord McIntyre’s plan to switch to cheaper phosphorus, which sickened the matchmakers. While Enola only discovered that when she realized Sarah and Mae were investigating the phosphorus and found the new one dangerous, Mae’s behavior towards Enola was always justified by the fact that she knew where Sarah was and that she had to protect their findings no matter what. This was evident from Enola and Mae’s first interaction, as Mae was clearly vying for Enola to stop looking for Sarah, but she also didn’t act like she was guilty.

Grail hauntingly hunt Enola wasn’t about her in the first place

The Enola Holmes 2 Superintendent Grail’s character may have seemed to be one step ahead of Enola when he started following her after her visit to the Paragon theater. However, his threatening behavior was not initially aimed at Enola. While she later realized that Grail was following Mae, meeting Enola happened to give Grail an advantage. By being Moriarty’s lackey, Grail is said to have spent a week searching for Sarah and the document, as Sarah’s actions could have prevented William and Mae from taking advantage of Mr. Lyons and Lord McIntyre.

However, upon discovering that Enola was investigating Sarah’s disappearance, he soon realized he could use Enola’s detective skills to find Sarah, and Enola’s involvement to pin his misdeeds on her. While that might have come in handy for Grail, it all happened by chance, as he wasn’t initially interested in Enola, but only in Mae, as Moriarty knew about William, Mae, and Sarah’s plan, not Enola’s involvement.

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Mira Troy’s frequent tips indicated her interest in the study

Enola Holmes 2Sherlock easily revealed Moriarty’s intentions after realizing that the money transfers formed shapes on the card that could be used as a number to reveal a sentence. But even before Sherlock’s discovery, Enola had seen Mina Troy and Lord McIntyre investigating what Sarah had stolen from the matchmaker’s foreman’s office. In that case, Mina Troy did her best to convince Lord McIntyre to link the theft of his money to Sarah’s disappearance.

Even later, when she met Enola undercover at Mr Lyon’s prom, she pushed Enola toward William and encouraged her to talk to him, hoping she would first discover the plan Mae, Sarah, and William had in motion. put at Lyon’s and McIntyre’s expense, and later hers. All these clues already pointed to Mina Troy being behind it, as she needed the document proving Lyon and McIntyre’s deal.

Enola & Sherlock’s latest reveal of the brains behind both cases

Unveiling of Mina Troy (possibly embodying two) Sherlock Holmes characters) to be Moriarty and the mastermind behind the murders of Mae and William and the extortion at McIntyre’s expense could not have been obtained without the cooperation of Sherlock and Enola in their two cases. The final showdown tied up all the loose ends, however, as without Moriarty’s disclosure, the two cases of Sherlock and Enola would have remained separate.

Enola had always identified Grail as doing the dirty work of someone powerful, but he couldn’t pinpoint who. William’s murder scene pointed to McIntyre, but it turned out to be made up by Grail and his henchmen, leaving the mastermind behind the plan still unknown. Only the references to the case that looked like a game reminded Enola of Mina Troy’s words at the ball. That, along with Sherlock’s guess that it must have been someone close to McIntyre, gave Mina Troy a chance to reveal herself as the woman behind it all. The final showdown of the critically acclaimed Enola Holmes 2 connects all investigations hitherto connected, but not seamlessly pointing to one solution, making the solution of the mysteries much more satisfying.

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Enola Holmes 2 really wanted you to know that Cicely was very important

The introduction of Miss Cicely as an essential player in the mysteries was done subtly by Enola Holmes 2. The detective drama first showed Cicely’s interest in Tewkesbury’s reforms as just another good female member of society interested in him as a capable bachelor, or at least that’s how Enola saw Cicely because of her feelings for him.

However, Enola Holmes 2 She suggested Enola’s meeting with her in a different way, for not only did Miss Cicely often mention her need to talk to Tewkesbury rather than her desire, but she also cited his political leanings as what convinced her to seek him out. All of these discrepancies between how Enola met other minor characters and how she met her indicated that Cicely was important in the true-story-inspired plot of Enola Holmes 2. She was indeed the character Sarah created to navigate society without being discovered.

Real history was a great clue to the twists and turns of Enola Holmes 2

Real British history also gave a great clue to: Enola Holmes 2‘s twists and turns, as the detective drama quickly intertwines the case of Sarah’s disappearance with the appalling working conditions of the match girls at the Lyon factory. Another key clue was the victim’s name. While Bessie may not have existed in real life, Sarah Chapman was a real person who lived in Victorian England and led the matchgirl strikes in 1888.

For anyone familiar with London’s first unskilled workers’ strike that improved working conditions and one of Britain’s first women-led strikes, some of Enola Holmes 2The biggest twists and turns would have been easily guessed. The match girls strike and Sarah Chapman’s true story would have turned out differently in real life, but many of the workers’ requests reflected some of the Enola Houses 2‘s match girls’ problems, such as the deadly phosphorus. Viewers familiar with the strikes of girls and Sarah Chapman would no doubt have realized Enola Holmes 2‘s plot twists faster than the film’s characters.

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