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Adam Project Actor Pushing For Ryan Reynolds Reunion

Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy reveals the hilarious ways Adam Project actor Walker Scobell is pushing for a Ryan Reynolds reunion in the film.

With Hugh Jackman returning for the film, Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy says: The Adam Project actor Walker Scobell urges a Ryan Reynolds reunion. Now set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the highly anticipated superhero threequel marks the third collaboration between Levy and Reynolds following their success in the video game-focused action comedy free man and Netflix’s sci-fi adventure The Adam Project. In addition to Reynolds, Deadpool 3 will see the return of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Leslie Uggams’ Blind Al.


Scobell previously made his acting debut with The Adam Projectafter winning over Reynolds and Levy with his memorization of many of Deadpool 2 and puts it towards his ability to portray a younger version of the Golden Globe-nominated actor. The Netflix film has since taken Scobell to even greater stardom, with the young actor set to lead the Paramount+ family adventure. Secret HQ and landed the coveted role of Percy Jackson for Disney+’s upcoming series based on Rick Riordan’s novels. But as his profile continues to grow, Scobell has his sights set on getting back together with one of his first on-screen collaborators.

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In a recent interview with e! OnlineShawn Levy offered some insight for the development of Deadpool 3. When discussing reuniting with Ryan Reynolds for the film, the director revealed: The Adam Project actor Walker Scobell is equally excited about a Reynolds reunion and is constantly pressing Levy to bring the two back together. Check out what Levy shared below:

Walker is cute because he doesn’t keep sending me pictures of Deadpool so subtly. He gives me casting ideas very openly. I’m just saying that Ryan and I both love Walker, and we feel like we met him during this magical time between childhood and adolescence. He’s firmly in adolescence now, as we all saw when he made his Percy Jackson D23 appearance [on Sept. 10]. If we can find an excuse to reunite with Walker in our Deadpool movie, we’re going to make it happen.

Who could play Walker Scobell in Deadpool 3?

Thanks to his well-received turn in his acting debut, many have already fancasted The Adam Project‘s Walker Scobell for various roles in Deadpool 3. One of the most popular ideas put forward is that of Kidpool, a younger version of the iconic Merc with a Mouth introduced as part of the Deadpool Corps comic strip alongside Dogpool and Squirrelpool, who were all brought together to defeat the cosmic entity consciousness. Given Scobell’s passion for the Deadpool franchise and love to perform with Reynolds, the idea of ​​the Adam Project star taking on a younger version of the hero would be a fun and very self-confident character extension.

With it still unclear how Deadpool 3 Introducing Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth to the MCU, it seems unlikely that he, Levy and original writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick will immediately go for a Kidpool inclusion in the film, namely because they now officially have Jackman back as Wolverine. However, with Levy showing his interest in bringing The Adam Project‘s Walker Scobell back for the movie, and filming on Percy Jackson and the Olympians about halfway through, the timing could be perfect for the two actors to reunite. In the meantime, the public can revisit their first outing with The Adam Project streaming on Netflix now.

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