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Adam Driver Is Nearly Unrecognizable In Ferrari First Look Images

The first photos of Michael Mann’s Ferrari show Adam Driver looking almost unrecognizable as legendary car manufacturer Enzo Ferrari.

Adam Driver is almost unrecognizable in Michael Mann’s first images Ferrari. Famous director Mann last released a feature film with 2015’s black hat. Now he’s ready to return with a landmark film that tells the story of a legendary automaker and the race that helped define his legacy.

Mann is, of course, known for his movies with iconic actors giving memorable performances. And Ferrari should indeed be no different, with the Oscar-nominated Driver taking the lead role from automaker Enzo Ferrari. Driver, of course, has built a reputation as an actor who is willing to go almost anywhere and do just about anything, tackling projects as diverse as the Star Wars sequel trilogy, the Ridley Scott drama House of Gucci and the art film/musical Annette.


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The driver’s latest acting transformation is now highlighted in a few first-look images from the upcoming Ferrari, which is currently being shot in Italy. In one shot, the driver looks exactly as you’d expect Enzo Ferrari to look, with lustrous 1950s hair and sunglasses. The other shows Driver’s Ferrari enduring a rainstorm at the start of the iconic race that forms the centerpiece of Mann’s film. See the images in the space below:

Adam Driver plays Enzo Ferrari in Race Car Driver Drama

Located in 1957, Ferrari zooms in on Driver’s Enzo as his business and marriage are in crisis. This brings in Enzo’s wife Laura, played by Penelope Cruz, who, like Enzo, is still mourning the recent death of their son. Amid all this financial and marital turmoil, Enzo decides to risk it all by taking his cars into the iconic Mille Miglia, a 1000-mile race across Italy. Behind the wheel of one car is legendary driver Piero Taruffi, played by Patrick Dempsey. FerrariThe cast also includes Shailene Woodley as Enzo’s mistress Lina Lardi, Jack O’Connell as chauffeur Peter Collins, Sarah Gadon as “original Bond girl” Linda Christian and Gabriel Leone as the tragic Fon De Portago.

Mann is, of course, known for big screen movies like Heat and The initiatemovies with star casts and incredibly dramatic material. Ferrari indeed seems to be heavy on drama in the same way as it has to do with financial struggles, war conflicts and of course the heart-pounding and incredibly dangerous world of 1950s racing. The driver’s Ferrari may not be the man behind the wheel of the film’s certainly spectacular racing scenes, but he is clearly the figure at the center of the film’s human drama, and he will certainly be one to watch at the prize giving afterwards Ferrari arrives. Mann fans, meanwhile, hope the acclaimed director can still stoke the flames as he makes a new film that blends interpersonal drama with adrenaline-pumping action.

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