About Us

About BADpi

BADpi is a global network of science-minded people, who publish approximately 200 quality articles every day. They offer some of the most comprehensive coverage of sci-tech developments world-wide.

The BADpi staff mission statement is to provide comprehensive coverage of the science, technology, and medicine news. Sci-tech readers will find coverage of relevant and important current events. We strive to do the same for tech reporters, researchers, engineers, academia, students, and graduates alike.

We write articles that go beyond the Abilities and Features of BADpi stories. We want to know the who, what, where, and how of a story—and why not. Our job is to find the interesting science and technology stories and tell our readers what we power at a single source.

BADpi publishes news quickly that is different from other news services. We typically publish news 1-2 days before other news services. This saves time and allows us to publish high-quality, targeted sci-tech stories that are different from the rest of the industry.

The BADpi editorial board operates in the public interest and is independent in relation to political, religious, economic, public and private special interests. BADpi receives no funding from any third-party agency or organization, and is fully supported by advertising, which is distinctly marked. WASPi operates in the same vein but with a few costs included in the price tag.

We use advanced programming technology to provide news in clear and unambiguous classifications so that readers are able to identify news topics easily. The design of the News Archive is intuitive and an easy way for users to find news..