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34 Celebrities Become Beetlejuice Characters In Stunning AI Art

In honor of the long-awaited Beetle juice 2modern celebrities get makeovers like beetle juice characters using an AI software. Tim Burton’s horror comedy film starring Michael Keaton as the creep beetle juice co-starring Geena Davis, Catherine O’Hara, Alec Baldwin, and a young Winona Ryder, it tells the story of a recently deceased couple who enlist the help of a problematic demon to help remove the living family just moved into their home.

beetle juice received both financial and critical success upon its release in 1988 and has become a quirky classic. It received the Academy Award for Best Makeup and spawned video games, an animated series, and a critically acclaimed 2018 musical of the same name. While the film’s success helped launch Burton’s credibility as a filmmaker and led him to direct the film on a big budget Batman in 1989, beetle juice also cemented Burton’s signature imaginative visual style. While many attempts have been made over the years to make a sequel, it was widely believed that too much time had passed and that such a film would most likely never be made. However, a sequel was announced in February 2022, more than 30 years after the film’s initial release.


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A digital artist uses AI art software to imagine 34 contemporary celebrities as beetle juice characters. Because of his curiosity about the coming beetle juice sequel, content writer Jim Nightingale posts a series of photos taken with Jasper Art, an AI image generator, on the design website Boot Camp. “To see what Beetlejuice might look like these days, I decided to transform some of the world’s most recognizable faces into celebrity creeps,” writes Nightingale. The result is stunning portraits of a range of celebrities, including Harry Styles, Natalie Portman, Oprah Winfrey, the cast of Weird stuffElon Musk and many more decorated in beetle juice‘s trademark Gothic visuals. The designs add an almost psychedelic look with vibrant colors and a softer digital modern edge.

Could Beetlejuice 2 feature any of these celebrities?

In the age of reboots, remakes and revivals of old favourites, a new one beetle juice sequel appears to be in the works. It will be directed by Tim Burton, with cast favorites Keaton and Ryder reprising their roles. Fans of Burton are already speculating about what other familiar faces they might see in the film. While certain figures, including Winfrey, Musk, and King Charles, are unlikely, one could imagine some of these on-screen faces in theā€¦ beetle juice world. Stars of the moment such as Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet could be a sought-after option, while the odds are that actress Helena Bonham Carter would make an appearance as a veteran of the Burton universe. Rumors of Johnny Depp, one of Burton’s most frequent collaborators, have been surfacing ever since his name was mentioned on a Google cast sheet for the film, although nothing has been officially confirmed about the actor’s involvement.

Ever since beetle juice director Burton has been tight-lipped about the project, it’s nearly impossible to speculate about a possible cast when little is known about the film’s plot. Nevertheless, these images are proof of the film lasting legacy that has remained relevant and unique to this day. While some of these AI image suggestions can go a long way in terms of casting, Beetle juice 2 will undoubtedly attract some big names.

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Source: Boot Camp



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