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120 Grams of Cocaine Seized From Equalizer 3 Crew Members

The set of Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer 3 has become the site of a drug bust when Italian police seized 120 grams of cocaine from crew members.

Italian police seize 120 grams of cocaine after raiding hotel rooms of hired catering staff The equalizer 3. Antoine Fuqua returns to direct the third film in the thrilling action series, which officially went into production in October. Denzel Washington will reprise his role as Robert McCall, the franchise’s lead crime fighter, alongside Dakota Fanning in a currently unknown role. Italian Eagle Pictures and Sony Pictures are collaborating on the production of The equalizer 3with Garbo Produzioni responsible for the on-set services.


the equalizer is a 2014 action film inspired by the 1985 CBS spy thriller of the same name. The first film follows Washington as Robert McCall, a former Marine and DIA agent who faked his own death to live a quieter life with the woman whom he loved. McCall is forced back into his old habits when he is confronted by Alina (Chloë Grace Moretz), a teenage girl trafficked by the Russian mafia. a sequel, the equalizer 2, premiered four years later in 2018. However, the third film in the franchise was discussed upon the release of the sequel the equalizer 3 only entered official development earlier this year.

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Per VarietyItalian newspaper ll Giornale reported that Italian paramilitary police discovered 120 grams of cocaine in a raid on the seaside town of Maiori, where crew members were The equalizer 3 are currently housed. The raid was carried out after the film’s head of catering suffered a fatal heart attack the previous night and officials found small bags of cocaine on his body. Two members of the catering crew were placed under house arrest for alleged drug trafficking, with an additional crew member losing his driver’s license for possession of a small amount of cocaine. Garbo Produzioni did not comment on the incident at this time.

How Equalizer 3 Incident Could Affect the Film Industry

The fallout from this incident could have a ripple effect on the film industry as a whole. the equalizer 3 films in Italy for a number of reasons, mainly because the Italian government offers generous tax breaks to those who want to produce locally. These grants make Italy a particularly attractive place for filmmakers to use local production companies, such as Garbo Produzioni, to assist with on-the-spot operations. The backlash from this raid could prompt local officials to rethink how these incentives made this event possible. Sony Pictures has not yet commented on whether the incident will affect their production schedule for The equalizer 3 moving forward.

The equalizer 3 is currently in its fourth week of production and so far there are no signs of stopping despite this production incident. Viewers look forward to seeing Washington and Fanning reunite for the first time since they both appeared in Tony Scott’s film Man on fire. The equalizer 3 is expected to hit theaters in September 2023.

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Source: Variety

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